Safety & Health Policy Statement

“Our futures are only built through our people; we aim to protect them.”

At Gemini Electric we believe there is no job or task that is more important than worker health and safety. Each project represents a potential safety or health threat. We make every effort to identify and communicate potential risks for each site and provide the necessary protection equipment and safety procedures to complete projects safely and without incident.

It is our policy to provide a healthy and safe place to work for all personnel. The personal safety and health of each employee is of primary importance to us, both on and off the job. Since we believe all injuries can be prevented, our goal is zero accidents and illnesses. In order to accomplish this goal, we follow company rules and procedures that are continuously developed, as well as all applicable state, federal and local codes and regulations. We expect our employees to do the same. Shortcuts in safety procedures by any personnel are not tolerated.

As a customer, employee, or vendor your cooperation is needed. If you observe any unprotected job, which may pose a potential threat to health or safety, please inform management immediately so we can take adequate precautions. The written safety rules contained in our Safety & Health Program are minimum requirements. We cannot cover every conceivable hazard but we believe there is a safe way to do every job. All personnel are required to read, know and follow this program.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility!